Visit the Slinga Region

Due to the mild climate, the wide sandy beaches of Lake Goistan in the region around Slinga were already a popular destination in Soviet times. At the end of the 1960s, regional festivals developed into the nationally popular “Festival of Socialist Friendship” in Slinga, which lasted several days and at the end of the 1980s was accompanied by musical events and fairground activities that were relatively modern for Soviet times. With the independence of Tukastan and the subsequent civil war, the festival activities were stopped, as Russian showmen were no longer welcome in Tukastan. Starting in 2010, individual tukastan students from the University of Claustan, inspired by foreign guest students and inspired by the American Spring Break, began to revive the tradition of the music festival in conjunction with student celebrations. The “Tukastan Beach Party” developed out of this, which has developed into a supra-regional party event for the young population and an important economic factor. The student choir of Claustan University opens the festival with traditional songs or offers a joint singing of traditional songs in the morning hours.