Department of Defense

The Ministry of Defence is the main ministry of the Democratic Republic of Tukastan. The President is also Minister of Defence and is advised by a Military Council. This Military Council is composed of deserving officers who have been appointed to the Council by the President. The Ministry of Defence is also responsible for the armed forces and the secret service. The secret service is responsible for both foreign and domestic intelligence service activities.

The Armed Forces are devided into four branches: The Tukastan Army of the Great Revolution, the Goistan Sea Naval Forces, the Tukastan Air Force and the Tukastan National Border Protection Militia which is responsible for all border-related tasks like border patrol, immigration and emmigration and customs.

The Ministry of Defence is also responsible for the General Directorate for Disaster Management (GDDM). The Directorate maintains subordinate authorities in each province. This Directorate General is closely linked to the armed forces through its links with the Ministry of Defence, which is why many soldiers are active in the field of civil protection and disaster control.

In addition, the Ministry of Defence acts as the presidential office, supervising the activities of the other ministries or issuing them with clear instructions for action.