Ministry of Economy and Labour

The main task of the Ministry of Economy and Labour is to ensure the economic strength of Tukastan. For this purpose, the Ministry is assigned to the regional employment agencies, which place Tukastani without current employment in employment relationships, whereby the acceptance of employment in a province outside the home province can also be ordered. The Ministry of Economy and Labour also administers the national pension fund, which pays out the pension after reaching the age of 62. The pension fund is filled with taxpayers’ money, which saves administrative structures for paying pension contributions. As a rule, soldiers receive their retirement pay from the pension fund when they reach the age of 58.

Another department of the ministry is the Tukastian Chamber of Commerce.

Due to the current focus of the Tukastian economy on mineral extraction, the Ministry is also divided into the Department of Mining, the Department of Oil and Gas Production, and the Department of Investment and Infrastructure. A new renewable energy department has been created to make Tukastan less dependent on fossil fuels, in particular hydroelectric power.