Ministry of Information and Communication

The Ministry of Information and Communication is responsible for Tukastan National TV and the national radio programme. In addition, the Ministry is responsible for the Tukastan National Newspaper (“The Tukastan Compatriot”), which, in addition to a nationwide uniform section, also includes a regional section for the individual provinces. This newspaper is published daily except Sundays. All journalists of the Tukastian media must go through a state licensing procedure, which also checks the journalistic competence and attitude towards the Tukastian state as well as the Tukastian values, before starting their activities.

Furthermore, the Ministry is assigned to the state network agency, the Telecommunication and Broadcast Agency, which is responsible for the national transmitter systems, the telephone network and the national Internet infrastructure.

Internet access in Tukastan is regulated by the state network agency and is primarily reserved for the military and state institutions. Only websites within the Tukastian network can be visited without an official permit.

In addition, the use of satellite-based communication (Satcom) by private individuals is generally prohibited, including foreigners.

A GSM mobile radio network is under construction, whereby acceptable network coverage can only be achieved in urban areas.

Important information for foreign visitors:

Access to the Internet via the mobile network is prohibited for private individuals. This also applies to the use of e-mails. The use of private mobile phones imported to Tukastan must be applied for immediately after entry at the state network agency and is only permitted after approval. The purchase of mobile devices and SIM cards for the Tukastian mobile network is possible in all major cities, but requires registration of the buyer with the state network agency. Foreigners also receive a visa when applying for a license, as these mobile phones and SIM cards may not be exported on departure.