Ministry of Research, Health and Science

The Ministry of Research, Health and Science is responsible for the health system, all civilian educational institutions and individual scientific research institutes.

The Department of Health manages and organises the state health system in Tukastan. The department is responsible for the university hospital and the subordinate district hospitals, which in turn are responsible for outpatient medical care in polyclinics. In addition, there is the administration of the local rescue services, which are usually affiliated to the district hospitals. Furthermore, all state pharmacies and their stocks of medicines are managed by the department. In close coordination with the National Border Police of the armed forces, the Medicines and Drugs Control Agency is also assigned to this department.

The Department of School Education is responsible for running primary and secondary schools and equipping them with teaching materials and textbooks. All teachers are also employed and paid by this department.

The Department of Higher Education is responsible for the vocational training institutions and the University of Tukastan in Claustan. The Department of Scientific Research works closely with this department, which is responsible in terms of organisation and content for the Institute of Food Safety, the Goistan Sea Institute for Maritime Sciences and the Tukastan National Institute for Geology and Resources. The latter works closely with both the University of Tukastan and the Ministry of Economy and Labour.