Ministry of Traffic and Transport

The main tasks of the Ministry of Traffic and Transport are to maintain and develop the country’s transport infrastructure and to ensure the transport of goods and people. To this end, the Ministry is divided into the departments of railways, bus transport, roads and infrastructure.

The expansion of the road infrastructure is based on strategic aspects and is carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Defence. In the larger cities, the main traffic routes are now asphalted, and Claustan also has several motorway-like highways. On the other hand, the overland routes are often gravel roads, which are inexpensive and better able to withstand the low temperatures in the Tukastian winter or are better passable with a compacted snow cover.

Important information for foreign travellers:

In remote regions an off-road vehicle is essential!

The railway network mainly comprises the lines of the former Trans-Aral railway. The Ministry is also responsible for the operation of the country’s seaports on Lake Goistan and its airports. The country’s largest airport is Claustan International Airport.