National Symbols and the Coat of arms

National flag

The state flag of the Democratic Republic of Tukastan was introduced after the glorious revolution by General Al-Hullain. The state flag is characterized by a red ground color, two five-pointed stars in a row with a central eight-pointed star, and two crossed black oriental swords arranged under the stars.

The red colour of the flag cloth symbolizes the blood of the heroes that was poured during the battles for the independence of Tukastan and during the glorious revolution. The three stars represent the unity of workers, military and peasants, with the five-pointed stars representing workers and peasants and the eight-pointed central star representing the military. The two crossed swords are the symbol of Tukastan’s fight for freedom.

“High Seal” – State Coat of Arms

The “high seal” called state coat of arms is reserved in the president and may be used only by these or for presidential documents. The “High Seal” is coloured and consists of a wreath of corn, which includes two snow rabbits in a sunny mountain landscape. Furthermore it shows the three stars, which show the unity of workers, military and peasants as well as the crossed swords. In addition, three garlic bulbs form the basis of the coat of arms, as a symbol of the garlic made from national vegetables of the country.

“Small Seal”

The small seal of the democratic republic of Tukastan

The small seal contains the state coat of arms in black and white, surrounded by the lettering “DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF TUKASTAN”. The small seal is intended for ministerial and administrative use. All superior ministries have the small seal as logo.

Tukastan National Anthem

With its independence in 1991, Tukastan also needed a national anthem. There were considerations to upgrade some traditional songs to the national anthem. The first freely elected government, however, decided to hold a national competition among Tukastan artists in order to obtain a new national anthem that would reflect a modern Tukastan. This competition was won by the artists Ulnazar Baldi (text) and Suleiman Wodakov (music).

Our free Tukastan
Our beloved Tukastan.
We are filled with happiness
To see you proud.
Your wealth and prosperity shall be forever.
Since ancient times we stand under your flag.
Long live our homeland, our free Tukastan

You are the symbol and hope of our ancestors,
of our honor and dignity.
An everlasting world for our children.
Your splendour will always shine.
We remain faithful to you.
Long live our homeland, our free Tukastan

You are everything to us,
Your future is ours,
Your destiny is ours too.
Our souls and bodies,
You give us eternal happiness.
Thanks to you we live in freedom!
Long live our homeland, our free Tukastan!