Our Glorious Constitution

We, the people of Tukastan, being an integral part of the world community, appreciating our duty and our responsibility before past, present, and future generations, understanding the necessity of securing sovereignty and the development of our state, our military and our workforce, acknowledging the unwavering freedoms and rights of the person – especially of our children -respecting the equal rights of our people, setting as our goal the creation of a social society, adopt and announce this glorious Constitution:

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Our children are the future of our proud nation, and the pride of the people of Tukastan. The greatest honour of us all shall be to give security and sanctity to our children. Above all, this is stated and protected by article 1 of our glorious constitution.

This mainstay of our social society can also be fund in other articles of our glorious constitution, for example the protection of mothers and families in article 33, as well as the social security and the protection from hunger, illness and poverty in article 34.